Air Pollution

Why is this a problem to people all around the world?

Air pollution

Hi, you might want to know why I am talking about this problem and you think that it is not a big deal, but it a huge problem.Let me tell you more about this topic.

What is the concern about air pollution?

for my opinion, I think that the concern of air pollution is the country might be really cold and that might cause it to make air pollution. That is what I think that might affect this concern.

Here are some picturesof what I am talking about:^)

More about the problem

What are the sources of air pollution?

Stationary sources factories,power plants and Mobile Sources are some sources of air pollution.

What are some causes and effects of air pollution.

It kills plants and trees,kills animals, Air pollution can affect our health in many ways,Irritation to the eyes,nose, and throat, bronchitis,pneumonia,respiratory disease, winds of Europe push the air pollution eastwards from the UK towards the mainlands.But if you do not want to have none of this you can do these things.You can walk or rides yours bikes to places,tell your parents. Make a posters about it, Tell people that you know to stop smoking because you might die or have a problem with your body.