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cardiovascular endurance

-the ability of the circulatory system (heart and blood vessels) to supply oxygen to working muscles during exercise.
-the image below shows a man's heart during his running exercise
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muscular strength

-the amount of force that can be produced by a single contraction of a muscle.
-the image below shows a man lifting weights, he uses his strength to do this.
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muscular endurance

-the ability of a muscle group to continue muscle movement over a length of time.
-the below image demonstrates these 4 men canoeing, in which they use their muscles over a LENGTH OF TIME.
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-the range of movement possible at various joints
-the below image(s) shows the different position the person can move their joints (or body parts)
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body composition

-the relative percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass (muscle, bone, water,etc)
-the image below shows how much bone, muscle, water, etc. these people have in other words is shows their body's composition
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-the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.
-the below man is running or appears to be beginning to start running and however fast or slow he will be going will be his speed
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-the ability of the body to change direction quickly
-the men in the below image must quickly change their direction so they do not knock the bars over or run into them.
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-the ability to maintain an upright posture while still or moving
-the below image is showing balance because the person on the tight rope is not falling off he instead is using balance to stay upright
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-integration with hand and or foot movements with the input of the senses.
-the below image shows coordination because the person SEES the balls and moves HANDS to keep the balls moving.
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reaction time

-integration with hand and or foot movements with the input of the senses
-the below image shows reaction time because the baseball player SEES the ball and REACTS in a timely manner in order to hit the ball when it reaches him
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-the ability to do strength work at an explosive pace.
-the below image demonstrates power because the strings are acting as the power and the men at the bottom of the strings are the people receiving the power in order to do a task
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