Learn how to operate certain apps on the iPads! =)


iMovie is an app that turns your ordinary home videos into a edited, fun Hollywood-style movie or movie trailer! You can choose from 15 different templates such as Scary, Romantic, Adventure, and more. Each one includes its own titles, soundtrack, backgrounds and graphics.


With the Garageband tool you can make your own music with different kinds of digital instruments! It's fun and there is a variety of sounds, vocals, even your own voice to add to your new song.

Pic Collage, Chirp, and Haiku Deck


iTalk is an app that allows you to record your own voice! All you have to do is touch the big red button to start, and then touch it again to stop recording. You can also choose from three levels of recording quality: 11.025, 22.05, and 44.10.

Book Writer

With Book Writer you can write your own book! You can add videos for iMovie, and more. Use the inspector to edit and change your text to a different font and color. Present your own book!