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News you can use 8/30/1853

Change in our Cotton Manufactoring

It is the 60th anniversary that the inventor from Westborough Massachusetts, Eli Whitney has perfected the Cotton Gin. The cotton gin was the answer to our manufacturing problems. The cotton gin is a machine for removing the seeds from cotton fiber.Machines like these have been around for centuries. Eli Whitney's machine of 1794, was the first to clean short-staple cotton, and a single device could produce up to fifty pounds of cleaned cotton in a day. And this product has made it successfully to almost every Cotton factory in the country!

Isaac Singer

Isaac Singer and his sewing machine

People have been going crazy over his and Edward Clark's sewing machines. This year they've had huge sales. Isaac Singer was born on October 27 1811 in Pittstown, New York. When Isaac Singer was only 12 he left home with little education and worked as a unskilled laborer (from a close source). And then as a teenager he got an interest in mechanics. Singer started working as a sewing machine repairman. In 1850 while working in the repair shop he thought of ideas and improvements to the sewing machine. As an inventor at heart he set of to create the next best sewing machine model. Clark and Singer teamed up to make this and then got it pattened and Elias Howe's tried to sew them for "copying" his sewing machine and they won that debate. And now Singer has become a house hold name.

Atlantic Telegraph Co.

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Steam Power

Steam power is becoming more and more popular. More and more business are moving closer to the city and company's are growing bigger. And now we are having more trains being brought to railroads across the North. And it has been a ton of help in our textile industry's and now don't have to be by a body of water.

Workers Wanted

Workers wanted in the John Deere Co.! We need workers who know mechanic and would be able to build our countries favorite farm equipment. Great pay and have great opportunities! Telegraph us today!

Samuel Slater

"Father of The industrial revolution as we know of today" Has brought so many good changes as to how we live today and our manufacturing as we know is today.
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Olsen Trade Union

Saturday, Sep. 3rd 1853 at 9am

New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

Come to the Olsen trade union on September 3rd to discuss our countries biggest problems held in New York, New York.