Distance Learning Continues

Love One Another! 4/13/20

Week 2 Begins

So, this is our new normal (at least for the time being).

I hope you were able to connect with students this past week. I really appreciate the Bingo and Dance Party set up on Friday. I was able to participate in the Dance Party and loved being able to see students with smiles on their faces.

As we move forward we will be learning to do a number of things a new way- plan for graduation, plan for interview and select, plan for the fall, have weekly meetings, meet with students, and so much more.

I continue to appreciate the level of care each of you is demonstrating for your colleagues, our students, and their families. Please continue to advocate fiercely for student needs.

Naming Conventions

If you haven't seen the Source resource for Google Meets- check this out- When naming your meetings please use the following conventions TPlus.(last name).(meeting name) e.g. Tplus.Backes.Java

When naming your classes please use the same conventions TPlus.(last name).class Tplus.Backes.Advisory


If you or a family member are sick and you are unable to be doing your daily check-in with students or it will happen at a different time let me know.

Interview and Select

This years’ I&S will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams between the week of Monday April 27- Friday May 1!

Teaching positions for I&S will be posted for application on the I&S system starting on Wednesday April 15 - Wednesday April 22.

Special Education Resources

Check out the special education distance learning resource page for resources. There you will find resources for iDLPs, scheduling, assistive technology, PIC and more.

There are also specific resources for related services.

Check it out

Vocational Rehab Services

This past week I met with VRS.

VRS counselors are up and running. Please help them connect with your students as they navigate this new world of virtual job search. Help counselors understand how to connect with your students if they are having difficulty.

If you have students who are not yet connected with VRS we can provide services for them in the area of Pre- ETS- Pre- Employment Transition Skills. Check in with Anna or Cheryl for more information if you think you have a student who could use this exploration and support.


Only half of the staff have done this - Please make sure to complete this!

All staff should be reviewing this slidedeck to be aware of the district's efforts to keep students safe during this virtual time.

You need to respond to this questionnaire to indicate you have viewed it (it's just your name and yes you have viewed it)

It would be really helpful if everyone just does this and I don't have to track people down- teachers could you remind ESPs

Staff Shout Outs!!!!

Team One - for constantly communication so much that my phone and computer are blowing up each and every day with notifications so I have to change my status to “unavailable” just to focus on schooling my children Seriously, the team collaboration is greater and stronger than ever before!

Tyler McCracken - for stepping up in every aspect of music equipment and technology. He has single-handedly opened up doors for our students in music and sound production, made Garage Band a huge success for the students, made my job easier, and has done so much legwork in troubleshooting music tech options for distance learning all for our students!!

All self-proclaimed “not tech savvy” staff who have stepped up and jumped into the ocean of technology! You are amazing! The feeling of overwhelmed drowning is felt by many at this time!

All of the ESPs helping out at Childcare sites, food distribution and technology distribution!

Technology Distrbution

Thank you all for advocating for our students to get the technology they need .

  • If you have updates to a student’s address or contact information, please make them in Discovery if possible (we’ll be pulling from Discovery daily); if not possible to update in Discovery, please send to the Transportation@mpls.k12.mn.us email address.
  • For technology issues with devices that have been delivered, please contact IT’s eHelpdesk (612.668.0088 or email ehelpdesk@mpls.k12.mn.us).
  • For errors in deliveries, please contact Transportation@mpls.k12.mn.us
  • If you have questions about getting a device for your student, please know that they are managing many requests and working as quickly as we can. The first step is to fill out this form.

Our initial form we developed has been integrated with the district form- We will not be maintaining the form we originally created.

The district is working to provide hard copy student enrichment and education packets to all students without devices.

If you have specific enrichment packets you want to provide for your students, work with Melissa to complete the printing and mailing.

Guthrie- Artisan Resident

Theo from The Guthrie would like staff to know he is able to support you in the following ways

  • I can create activities to do virtually that I can either lead myself or write up instruction for you staff to follow or create video content for your staff to share. Things like mindfulness activities, theater games, poetry, movement, music, and probably more.
  • I can also be a sounding board if anyone has ideas that they need help figuring out.
  • And I'd love to help with the virtual talent show!
  • I'm also super open to thoughts you or your staff may have.

This Week at Virtual TPlus

Monday------------- Non- Tenured Licensed Staff Meeting------------8:30

-------------------------- HS Job Coach Meeting-----------------------------------1:00

Tuesday ------------ Team 2/3 Licensed staff meeting-------------------8:30

--------------------------- Team 1 Meeting---------------------------------------------11:00

Wednesday -------- Graduation Meeting--------------------------------------- 8:35

----------------------------Team 3 Meeting---------------------------------------------- 1:30

Thursday------------- Team 2 Meeting--------------------------------------------- 8:30

Friday------------------- ILT------------------------------------------------------------------ 8:30

----------------------------- Record Keeping Day (you can do this from home- LOL)

The Zoom Where It Happens