We are Learning & Having Fun in K-1

Welcome Ladybugs!

What We Are Learning ...

This week we received our ladybug larvae! The kids are very excited to see how they will transform into Ladybugs. Make sure you ask them about METAMORPHOSIS!

As the year winds down, we are incorporating more center time into our day. This week we learned how to do the Word Puzzle and Story Sequencing Center. Ask your child about them!

As noted, Field Day has been moved to WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8.


  • Even though the year is almost over, it is important to follow the same safety procedures. Any changes to dismissal please send in a note in the morning with your child. As indicated in the Field Day notice, children will not be permitted to be dismissed early from Field Day.

  • Please be sure that your child is coming to school dressed appropriately for a day of play. This includes wearing sneakers & shorts under dresses/skirts. If your child is sensitive to the sun, please consider applying sunscreen before they come to school. We try and get out as much as possible when it is so nice out. :)

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, (PLEASE) label any and all money (in an envelope or baggie with your child's name) coming into the classroom. This is exceptionally important for lunch money. All it takes is "two loose lunch monies" to get mixed up.

  • Please be sure to send in all necessary utensils for snack. We do not supply spoons or forks.
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Fundations random practice letters A - Z


Wednesday, June 8th, 12:30pm

Central Boulevard

Bethpage, NY


Wednesday, June 15th, 1:30-2:30pm

60 Central Boulevard

Bethpage, NY

Please join us as we look back on our wonderful year. This party will be Luau themed. :) Please note that as per Mr. Furrey, no student will be allowed to leave school prior to dismissal.