keeping you healthy

What you Ware?

When you are swimming you allways ware Swimming Costume!Other whise you will be 'NAKED'!!As well you will need a pair of gogles other whise you will not be able to see!You as well need a GAINOURMAS towel!!

Nesesary Equipments!!

You Will Need

To help you swim you will need a Kik board,Swimming Caps,Pull Buoy,Bottle of water,Phins,Noise Clip and thats it for the moment but only for this moment

How do you swim??

1)First you slide into the water!

2)Second you push of the wall

3)Next you'r left arm comes over and then the right,left,right and then breath to the side at the same time you cick with you'r feet!

You myet get tired but keep going don't give up

Who saves you??

There will always be a lifeguard sitting on a big tall seat.Near the pool.

At the sea if your in trouble you wave and shout HELP HELP!!.In a couple of minutes there will be a Life Boat coming to save you

And then you are the luckiest person in the World !Thankou for the Life Boat

History of Swimming!

Most of the people thinks that Swimming has started by a man that fall in to the sea. A minuets later he had started panicking in the water then he started swimming but for us he was swimming the stroke of Doggy Paddle!

But some people thinks that swimming had started by Egyptians.

Swimming Heros!

Here is there a few swimming heros for you to look for

*Rebecca Addlington

*Ellie Simonds

*Missy Franklin

*Michael Jaimieson

*Michael Phelps

*Dana Vallmes

*Kyle Chalmors

*David Davies

How many of the World is SWIMMING??

After looking at the swimming percentage we have find out that only 46% of the World is swimming and 54% of the World isn't Swimming!

We had a disappointment afternoon!

Why swimming is emportant?

Swimming is important because children/teenagers/adults/older people will have accident in the sea o anywhere its important that you can swim. Swimming can save your life. Come and have a lessons.
If you cant swim you will not hit the button

Here is some details about Aberystwyth District Amateur Swimming Club Touch the button and you will go in to a World of Swimming!