Westview Weekly

Success for all, whatever it takes!

Issue 33: April 11 - 15, 2016

Good morning, and happy Monday!

Baseball season and hunting season are my favorites, as they bring joy and camaraderie with friends and family. Another of my favorites is assessment season, and it officially kicked off today!

I know you all probably think I'm crazy for believing this, as assessment season brings with it a great deal of planning, schedule changes, anxieties, and stresses. However, it is always a joy to watch month's, and even year's, worth of teaching and learning pay off. There is nothing quite like celebrating the successes our students achieve because of your dedication to creating authentic and engaging learning activities.

As I visited our 5th graders this morning before their tests, I reminded them that they are the smartest kids I've ever been around. Some know it, some believe it, and others looked at me with their, "Seriously?!" faces. At the same time, I could see the looks on their faces that appreciated the kind words and encouragement. They needed that today, and so do we...especially when the grind of the last 6 weeks of school sets in.

I want you to know that I have never worked at a place as special as Westview. Never have I seen a team of individuals live a building's mission like we do here. "Success for all, whatever it takes!" isn't just a tag line to any of you. You believe it and everyday you show it. I am proud that you are my work family. I am proud that 550 of the world's future military, nurses, machinists, electricians, bankers, attorneys, doctors, senators, and teachers are taught by YOU! I feel like a proud dad whenever I brag about our school to my educator friends. For all of this and more, THANK YOU!

Wishing you a week abundantly filled with blessings!

Educationally yours,


End of Year

The end of the year brings with it many activities and events. In order to help you more successfully plan your lessons and other activities, please visit this calendar for all of the exciting end of year events.

We will also have flyers to go home promoting many of these activities.

If you have anything that needs added to this, please add it to the big calendar in the office and let me know as well. I'll get it added here.

Please feel free to share these dates/times with families so they may begin preparing their work schedules accordingly.

End of Year Activity Calendar:


Outstanding Teacher Nominations

It's time to recognize some more of our colleagues for the outstanding work they are doing in our building.

Please use the link below to nominate your peers as:

1) A teacher that effectively assesses students and uses the collected data to meet students' unique learning needs.

2) A teacher that embraces change and transforming students' learning to meet individual needs.


Team Meetings

We will not meet formally as grade level teams this week. Please work as a collaborative team to fill out your pinks and blues in preparation for forming class for the 2015-16 School Year.

Please have your pinks & blues in my mailbox by Friday, April 29.

We will work together to form class lists on Wednesday, May 3.

PLC - Wednesday

We will meet in the gym at 3:00 on Wednesday for our PBIS Data Review & professional development.

iPad Turn In

Looking ahead a few weeks, I just want each of you to be prepared for student and classroom iPad turn in on May 11.

This DOES NOT pertain to your teacher iPad. You will be able to keep it with you over the summer as long as you are returning next school year.

Cheryl will communicate any additional information regarding turn in.

A Look Ahead


11-29 - MAP Testing (Grades 3-5)

11 - Preschool Mobile Zoo @ 10:45

11 - PAWS Meeting @ 6pm

11 - BOE Meeting @ 7pm

15 - 2nd Grade Zoo Field Trip

15 - Q4 Midterm

18 - Snack Day

19 - McTeacher's Night 4-8 pm (sign ups in workroom)

21 - 5th Grade Field Trip

21 - Kindergarten Music Performance @ 6:30p

26 - Leadership Meeting @ 4pm

27 - 4th Grade Field Trip to Kauffman Stadium

29 - 1st Grade Zoo Field Trip

Happy Birthday to You!


22 - Shari Galey