Global Water Crisis: Middle East

Mabel, Kaylynn, Joshua, Chelsey, and Hannah


The countries involved in this crisis include Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi, Arabia, Syria, United Arab, Emirates, and Yemen. The people in these countries use 3.7 percent of the internet in the world. Agriculture uses 35 percent of the water in the world. It is bitter-sweet. We get food from the plants and cattle, but we have less water. Over 30 percent of the people in the Middle East do not meet dietary needs.

The Population

The population of the Middle East is about 127 millions.

We need to solve this problem and together we can

Problems and Solutions

We have a problem, a lot of people and a little water. But, we have a solutions. A solar powered water purifiers. Use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in containers that expose it to ultraviolet radiation and cleanse the water, making it suitable to drink.