MAN OF THE YEAR....Andrew Carnegie!

"Patron Saint of Libraries"

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$450,000 REWARD!!

Business/Industry of Success

Steel was Andrew Carnegie's industry and business of success. He was sometimes called The Steel Man.

How Was the Competition Treated?

Andrew Carnegie wanted to basically rule the whole steel business, so that's what he did. By doing so he bought out other companies or drove them out of business by controlling the markets.

Worker Treatment

His workers were not treated the best about half of the time, they were not very protected, only two layers of wool long johns, there were many small dangerous machines and large ones too, and chaos everywhere.

Pros and Cons of the industry


  • Carnegie's mills always remained the most productive in the world
  • One of the richest men in the world

  • Workers were not paid that much(unless the markets were good)
  • Workers were never very safe

Money for Charity and Other Good Purposes?

Retirement did not take him out of the public sphere. Before his death he donated more than $350 million dollars to public foundations. Remembering the difficulty of finding suitable books as a youth, he helped build three thousand libraries. He built schools such as CARNEGIE-MELLON UNIVERSITY and gave his money for artistic pursuits such as CARNEGIE HALL in New York.

Andrew Carnegie was also dedicated to peace initiatives throughout the world because of his passionate hatred for war. Like Rockefeller, critics labeled him a robber baron who could have used his vast fortunes to increase the wages of his employees. Carnegie believed that such spending was wasteful and temporary, but foundations would last forever. Regardless, he helped build an empire that led the United States to world power status.