Davis Richmond E-News

August 3, 2020

A Message From Your Principals

Dear Davis and Richmond families,

We know many of you are anxiously anticipating what the start of the school year will look like as we plan to transition back. We have been working diligently to prepare for what we know will be a different start to our school year as we look to open our schools with updated and current guidance from the state and health department.

The start of the school year will undoubtedly look different, however, we will do our absolute best to make sure that it does not feel different. Davis/Richmond will always be a school where passion and compassion meet - passion for learning, teaching, and our school...compassion for our students, families, colleagues, and selves. To that end, whether you opted for your Tiger to attend in-person learning or participate in remote learning, relationships will be strong, positive, and nurturing, instruction rigorous, and student, staff, and family safety always our primary goal.

The District will continue to update the D303 Reopen School Plan, which may help answer some of your questions.

Please continue to check your email for communication and the D303 website for all the latest updates.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and partnership this year. Please know we are here to answer your questions. Please reach out, we are happy to help.

Gina Shaw

Davis Principal

(331) 228-2881


Lisa Simoncelli-Bulak

Richmond Principal

(331) 228-5470


Videos from your Principal

Davis Update
Welcome to Richmond 2020-21

School Hours & Calendar

The elementary school day is from 8 a.m. - 1:40 p.m. The first day for students has been moved to Wednesday, August 19th. Students may enter the building at 7:45 a.m.

Safety: Mask and Social Distancing

  • All staff and students will be required to use PPE while inside our buildings, this includes our classrooms during instruction, hallways, bathrooms, etc. Staff and students may remove their PPE while eating lunch or while outside when social distancing can be maintained. We will be utilizing the outdoors as space as weather allows.

  • Every effort will be made to maintain social distancing protocol as much as possible.

    ○ Desks will be spread out within the allowed space of your child’s classroom, facing forward in rows.

    ○ Recess (Movement Breaks)/PE – We will do our best to remind our students to maintain a safe distance while outside. We will discuss this the first days back at school on why this is important. We appreciate your help in telling your children the importance of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Masks may be taken off outdoors so long as social distancing is maintained.

  • To limit exposure and/or spread of the virus:

    ○ Students will not share classroom supplies/materials.

    ○ Common areas will be disinfected regularly daily, and throughout the day.

    ○ Use of playground equipment, including balls and frisbees, etc. will not be allowed. Items from home will not be permitted.

    ○ Teachers will provide regular movement breaks throughout the day.

    ○ Student movement throughout the day will be monitored in a way to minimize large group gatherings.

    ○ Outside visitors, including parents, will not be permitted entrance to the building. This includes volunteering.

Breakfast, Lunch and Snack

  • Lunch – We will adhere to the guidelines provided by the state of Illinois. Most students will eat in their classrooms. Spaces other than your child’s classroom, such as the cafeteria may be used. If the cafeteria is used students will still be social distanced, with only one class at a time. All surfaces will be sanitized before a new group comes in. This will vary between buildings due to size and space availability.

    ○ If your child is bringing lunch from home, we ask that you make every effort to send it with them in the morning and not drop it off during the day. Here are some helpful suggestions for those students bringing lunch. Fast food deliveries to students will not be permitted.

    ○ Elementary school students will not be allowed to eat in the classroom during instructional time. Teachers may provide a break, including while outside, for students to eat a snack.

School Events & Activities:

All field trips, assemblies and school events are being postponed until we can re-evaluate later in the school year. This falls in line with the state’s requirement prohibiting gatherings of more than 50 individuals in a single space. This includes field trips, whole group band/orchestra/ choir, 1st day of school gatherings/activities, concerts, holiday parties and other PTO events, etc.

  • We are in the works of planning a virtual curriculum night. More info to come.

  • School pictures have been postponed until second semester. More info to come.

School Supplies Needed for First Day

Because we are unable to have the traditional supply drop-off event, we will be handling materials in a different way this year. Grade level teachers will determine which items from the supply list will be necessary for the first days of school. They will send this list to parents prior to the first day. Students will only bring those items so that everything will fit in their backpack. Teachers will then ask their students to bring the rest of the supplies in gradually as they are needed. All supplies will be used by the student only - there will be no community supplies this year (with the exception of things like paper towels, kleenex, etc.). For our students learning remotely, teachers will reach out to let parents know what is needed.

School Supply Lists

We understand the availability of disinfectant wipes is scarce, and we are removing that item from our school supplies list. The district will provide sanitizing spray for classrooms. Other items on the list will remain the same.

You can also access the School Supply list via our school website: https://dav-ric.d303.org/news/news-5b5f11ee7980c

Class Assignments Through Home Access Center (HAC)

All active HAC accounts will be accessible as of 8:00 AM, on Friday, August 14th to view class assignments.


Information will be included in our next Newsletter.


The PTO has been an amazing support as we think creatively about this school year. We are grateful for the donations of vinyl seat cushions for each teacher & student and new alternative seating for all our Davis Richmond classrooms! Thank you, parents, for all of your involvement and support of our school's PTO. Stay connected to the PTO community and their efforts to support our school this year by registering on the PTO website HERE for the 2020/2021 school year. And follow Davis Richmond PTO on Facebook!

Whether your student is going back to school, or remote learning, get them ready for the school year with some new SPIRIT WEAR!

Davis Richmond has a Facebook page! www.facebook.com/DavRic.D303

Please like the page to be kept up to date on happenings around school.


Parent Communication

Classroom Teachers will use the Seesaw App for most of their communication. Since we cannot have a meet the teacher day, the classroom teachers will be calling the parents of their students the week before school begins. This will give them an opportunity to introduce themselves, get to know a little bit about your child, and give you any more information needed. You can also expect a video from classroom teachers where you can see a tour of your child’s classroom.

Student Arrival Procedures

Students taking a bus or the Davis/Richmond shuttle will be dropped off in the bus lane in front of Richmond.

Kindergarten walkers and car drop offs will enter door 10

First grade walkers and car drop offs will enter door 21

Second grade walkers and car drop offs will enter door 12

More specific information and maps will be available in the Friday newsletter.

Student Dismissal Procedures

Students taking the bus or Davis/Richmond shuttle will be called down and escorted straight to their bus.

Kindergarten walkers and car pick ups will exit door 10

First grade walkers and car pick ups will exit door 21

Second Grade walkers and car pick ups will exit door 12


Parent Communication

Teachers will reach out to families before the first day of school to introduce themselves and get to know a little bit about your child.

Student Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Click here for Richmond arrival and dismissal procedures.

District News

Health/Immunizations New from the Nurse

Illinois state law requires that all students entering an Illinois school for the first time submit an Illinois physical exam and complete immunizations, including transfer students. All Kindergarteners need to have a physical exam and a complete immunization record submitted. Students not having the required paperwork on file will not be allowed to start school (face-to-face or remote) without meeting these requirements. Illinois state law also requires Kindergarten students to submit an eye exam prior to starting school. These requirements apply to walk in speech students also. https://district.d303.org/departments/health-services#block-3.

Since parents are not allowed in the building, medications needed for your child may be dropped off with the nurse in the vestibule, along with a completed medication authorization form from the doctor and parent signature authorizing the medication to be given at school. Forms are available on the D303 website https://district.d303.org/departments/health-services#block-3. Please only provide necessary medications, such as Epi pens, Benadryl, or medications for attention deficit disorder. Please do not send medications with your child. Health office visits will be kept to a minimum. A nurse can consult with you in the vestibule and check over the paperwork. If you would like to drop it off prior to August 13 and need to speak with a nurse, please call ahead to be sure a nurse is in the building. Nurses will be available daily starting August 13.

Students will be outdoors as much as possible, please apply sunscreen when needed, have your child wear sturdy shoes (velcro is best for younger children), and send a water bottle with your child every day.

Thank you,

Health Services