Get Ready For A Fun Summer!

Our Biggest Launch Ever!

Lots of opportunity is coming our way, girls!

Summer is the absolute perfect time for celebrating!! This is a very exciting time right now at C+I! And it's the perfect time to push yourself to get to the next level. If your sales are usually around $500, push for that commission bump at $800! If they are around $200, go for $500, etc, etc....

Our new launch, happening on Tuesday, May 10th, is the first of it's kind in our company's history. Not only is it our biggest collection launch ever, but we are introducing several new products in different lifestyle categories! Sunglasses, beach towels, cell pone covers, oh my! :) Which of those are you most excited to see?

This new collection is the perfect launchpad for you to get people excited and get those pop ups booked! Why not host an outdoor pop up at a pool or backyard barbecue? Introduce your friends and family to the new collection and host launch party at your home or online and then book hostesses from that party! There will be lots of fresh new inspiration with the Amalfi Coast collection and lots of help from me anytime you need it! Please reach out any time and I would love to help you in any way that I can! :)

Get on this call!

The Amalfi Coast Launch Call is this coming Tuesday, May 10th at 9:00 PM EDT. Follow this link to register and listen to the call and you could win the entire new collection in our "Win Big" giveaway!

There are going to be so many fun new products announced and the new summer jewelry is beyond gorgeous!! Speaking of the new collection, one of the best things you can do for your business is to order look books! I just got mine today and they are beautiful! At only $1.60 a piece they are a great, affordable investment in your business. When people see these books they can't help but fall in love with Chloe and Isabel and then you can snag them as a hostess! :)

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