Acid and Base Scavenger Hunt

By David and Carlos

Pre lab

Acid- A chemical substance (typically, a corrosive or sour-tasting liquid) that neutralizes bases, dissolves some metals, and produces H+ ions.

Base- A chemical substance (typically, a slippery and bitter substance) that neutralizes acids and produces OH- ions.

Neutral- Chemical substance that is neither acid or base, it has the Ph of 7(or the POh of 7).

Our Procedure


  • Cup to pour out testing liquid.

  • Toothpicks

  • Measuring cup (in ml)

  • ph strips

  • Camara

  • ph scale


  1. Pour out 5 ml of testing substance on to cup

  2. grab toothpick

  3. Add water to substance and mix with toothpick (if needed)

  4. Grab ph strip and dump it into the solution

  5. Put strip next to scale

  6. Take Picture

  7. Throw away used toothpick

  8. Clean out testing cup and measuring cup with water.

  9. Repeat with other substances