Help us save Antarctica!!!!!!

Global Warming and Pollution

I believe that human impact, Pollution and Climate change caused this threat to happen. We have been polluting for years. So listen up and hear us out Let's CONSERVE ANTARCTICA!!!

Global Warming

Firstly, Global warming has caused major issues to Antarctica. Experts believe that humans are the number one source of Global Warming,

How has Global warming caused such major issues? The Global warming has caused the warming of Antarctica. This concerns ice to melt which causes sea levels to rise.

What could we do to reduce the effects of Global Warming?

We can reduce Global Warming by people not coming to Antarctica as often as they do.We can also stop Global Warming by stopping harmful gasses going to Antarctica because the gasses make the ozone layer diterirate and more sunlight is coming to Antarctica.

Human Impact

Secondly, Humans are polluting and because of that animals are dying.Next humans are bring rats which carry diense and if they go into the Ocean,Antarctica animals will die and will be Exinct.

So how can we stop people doing this??

We can stop this by people:

Not Littering

Not bringing diense

Not coming on Boats which pollute the ocean

People are a big threat to Antarctica we can stop that but we must be determined to help before it is too late.

How does Climate Change effect Antarctica????

Thirdly Climate Change has made a big impact on Antarctica because the temperature is all over the place one day it could be -80 C then the next day -40 C we know that may seen freezing but for Antarctica that is quite warm.

Can this stop???

This can stop all we have to do is stop spreading gasses that again makes the ozone suffer and more sunlight gets in that makes the temperature go all over the place.
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In Conclusion we believe that Antarctica must be conserved because one day if Pollution, Human Impact, and Climate Change continue Antarctica will be an ocean not a frozen dearest. CONSERVE ANTARCTICA DON'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!