The British in Kansas

The Story of Victoria By Angel and Brayden

Who are you?

They were Great Britain and were called the British.

Where did they come from?

They came from Great Britain in the country Europe.

Where did they settle?

They settled in Victoria in the near the middle of Kansas.

Why did they leave there homeland?

England was getting crowded and there was a strong class system which meant there was the poor the middle type and rich. They also had several years of drought so they couldn't grow crops.

Why did they come to Kansas?

They needed opurtunities and they heard stories about good cheap land. They wanted to have lots of space to grow their crops and settle their cattle.

What did they find when they came to Kansas?

They experienced drought and couldn't grow crops . They also saw grasshoppers and prairie fires and the land was very dry.

When did they come to Kansas?

In 1872 they came to Victoria Kansas .