May 7-9, 2019 with Olga Kazanskaya

botanical prints meet acid dyes

Ecoprint (botanical dyeing or contact dyeing with plants) is very popular today. Let’s combine the freshness and challenge of botanical prints with the reliability of modern acid dyes.

Mediumprint is a relative new dyeing method which combines some features of botanical printing and resist dyeing (like batik or shibori).

also with Olga:


The main principle is that the dye for the background is delivered to the fabric with help of a carrier (fabric or paper). This way, we can get nice shapes/contours of plants which act as a resist. The carrier releases the dye gradually: the kinetics is comparable with the one of thickened dye. Using this principle, we can create a variety of processes. We can also use plants (flowers) saturated with synthetic dyes and plants, simply painted with thickened dyes.


During the first day we will make samples and then we will make yardage of silk or wool or dye a nunofelted piece you have prepared at home. A silk or nunofelted scarf is a good project for this workshop. We will work with dry local plants (grapes, oak, maple, fern, sumac,…) and with eucalyptus.

We will definitively have fun and generate many new ideas. You can use these techniques in your future work, on silk, wool and nunofelt.


Olga Kazanskaya works from her studio in South Germany near Heidelberg. She has a scientific background (PhD in molecular biology), that’s why her approach differs from many other dyers. Her constant experimentation based on scientific knowledge produces new techniques which she teaches online and in her workshops worldwide. After years of working with mixed techniques she has concentrated on natural dyes. Olga’ principle is to demistify natural dyeing and to create shorter and non-toxic procedures.


All workshops are being taught in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

disclamer : Images are not exemplary of products that will be exactly made by participants

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