Community love

Learners teaching and learning

Community 6 and Community 1 work together on recycling

C6 family used recyclable materials to repurpose them into new creations. They were so imaginative in their thinking. C1 family conducted interviews with them to find out what they made and from what materials. C1 family created labels to introduce the products. What a great way to help each other meet that science standard about recycling.

Community 2 shares their writing

It was a great privilege to help Community 2celebrate their published books with us. It helps us see what writing might look like in second grade. And it gives us and opportunity to read grade appropriate text, to ask questions, and to give compliments. As a follow up, Community 1 friends wrote compliment letters to their readers. As a special treat, one of the books was about fish, which fits right in with our study of the ocean.

We are getting closer...

Learners continued to work on diver construction. We also began painting our large display.

What color should our ocean/aquarium be?

We love Mr. Matt!

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Shared Journal

January journals came home on Friday. Please enjoy listening to your learner read them. We added a new twist. We talked about a glossary and added it to the end of January's journal. They found five words and put them in alphabetical order. Some students added definitions. Because we had visits from other communities this week, our time ran short for writing. Some learners may not have finished the last two journal entries. If not, they are welcome to finish those at home. If you need an extra day, please feel free to keep.

Mystery Reader...thanks Mrs. Bradsher!

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Upcoming Events...

MONDAY, Feb.1-Return January journals

MONDAY, Feb.1-Scholastic ordes due

Feb. 12-Valentine's Party-12:30-1:15

Feb. 15-No School-Professional Development Day

Feb. 17-March Madness Kickoff

Feb. 22-Field Trip-"Let's Pretend Hospital" (more info. coming)

Feb. 26-120th Day of School

March 21-25 -Spring Break

April 20-Field Trip-Lanark (more info. coming)

****I encourage you all to share the newsletters and Freshgrade updates with your children. These could be great conversation pieces to encourage deeper questioning and thinking, and for your child to share excitement about what is happening at PRS!!!