Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge

Welcome to the 2014 challenge

As a participant, we'll send you a weekly email with updates, information, and a list of upcoming challenge events. If you ever have questions or need anything, don't hesitate to let us know. All of this information can always be found on our website!

New This Year!

Whether you've participated in the challenge for years or this is your first time we've made some changes to update the challenge and make it easier than ever. This year we are offering a way to customize your experience. Please take a couple minutes to fill out your preferences here.

In addition to sending out the events and challenges are happening for the upcoming week, we are providing a comprehensive calendar before each month starts to help you plan which events you will attend. This will also help your team coordinate completing challenges or attending events together!

Finally, to echo the five dimensions of wellness, each week of the Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge will focus on a different dimension:

Week 1 (1/13): Goal Setting

Week 2 (1/20): Physical Wellness

Week 3 (1/27): Spiritual Wellness

Week 4 (2/3): Intellectual Wellness

Week 5 (2/10): Emotional Wellness

Week 6 (2/17): Social Wellness

Although it is not required, we encourage you to focus your weekly goals in alignment with the weekly themes.

Points and Scorecards

The challenge is about earning individual points but your participation also counts toward your team's total. At the end, there will be individual and team awards as well as prizes for everyone who participates in the challenge. Once award categories are finalized, you'll be the first to know.

A scorecard will be sent out at the beginning of each week. Scorecards will be submitted individually each week by Monday at noon. If you submit your scorecard on time, you will receive an extra 5 points for the week. If your entire team submits on time, your team will receive an extra 20 points! Team captains will still be kept in the loop if we're missing anything - we want you to earn every last point you've worked for.

Events and Challenges

Each week, different campus offices will host events focused on an area of wellness. If you attend any of the events listed on the weekly schedule, you will earn points - just mark you attended on your scorecard! You can earn even more points (and it will be more fun) if you attend these events with members of your Wellness Challenge Team. Look below for a calendar of events in January and be on alert for future calendars.

Challenges happen weekly and even daily. They can range from taking the stairs instead of the elevator each day to giving back to your community each week. Challenges will change from week to week focusing on the dimension of wellness for that week. Challenges allow YOU to get creative about staying healthy holistically and help you determine what works for you.

Health and Wellness Crew

  • Contact Brendon about scorecards and points
  • Contact Kira about registration and involvment
  • Contact Ryan about events and challenges