The right thing is often the hardest thing to do.

In The Beginning

The cause of WWII is pretty indefinite. It was a lot like sophomore year of high school when everybody starts fighting because having the most power in your social group is important to the popular kids. Some of the ways WWII is believed to have started are as follows:

  • When the Nazi's invaded Poland in September of 1939
  • When Japan invaded Manchuria In 1931
  • When Japan invaded China in 1937
  • 1933 when Hitler took power
  • 1941 when America started fighting
Germany was mad about having to pay war reparations after WWI and sought after a scapegoat.

Built up tensions between Japan and China caused multiple attacks from Japan on Chinese soil.

Japan was scared of America getting involved and bomb pearl harbor as a scare tactic but did the reverse and America dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Leaders and Their Countries

WInston Churchill

  • Prime Minister of Great Britain

Joseph Stalin

  • Russian Dictator

F D Roosevelt

  • U.S. President

Charles De Gaulle

  • French General

Adolf Hitler

  • German Dictator

Hideki Tojo

  • Prime Minister of Japan

Benito Mussolini

  • Prime Minister of Italy
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Major Conflicts

Operation Barbarossa

  • The Nazi invasion of the soviet union-Nazi Germany wanted their plentiful resources-soviet union lost
Battle of Stanlingrad

  • Germany wanted Stalingrad for importing-Germany lost
Battle of Britain

  • All countries involved fought with extremely devastating results

Total Casulaties

  • military and civilian casualties come to roughly 85,000,000
  • this does not include those killed in concentration camps
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The Road So Far

The lesson we were supposed to learn had a lot more to do with equality and justice than anything else. I don't believe any countries learned from this revolting war. After everything was said and done there are still people who do not see the mistakes and with some of the current events (i.e. the Rwandan genocide) history is bound to repeat itself.