Great Friendship, Great love

By Hannah, Eva and Issy

Actions associated with Philia

When treating people that you share this sort of love with, you might:

1. Give them a hug when you see them.

2. Smile with them.

3. Stick up for them.

4. Feel the need to keep in regular contact with them.

5. Feel the urge to protect them when they are upset.

These are just some things that you might do when in this kind of friendship. You may also feel more hurt when you argue with them than when you argue with friend you aren't as close with. You often will have similar interest so will enjoy doing things together.

How would you treat yourself

How would you treat yourself:

· You would put the needs of someone else before your own.

· Try to look good

· Be yourself around the people you love

How to treat others

You would treat them with respect, hospitality and kindness. Philia is having a great friendship with someone, so always trying to make an effort to see them as well.