Reconstruction Era 1865-1877

reuniting and healing the nation


This is the era when the united states is trying to come back together as a whole without Lincoln's leadership. As well as the process the federal government used to readmit the southern states back into the union.

Presidential vs. Congressional Reconstruction Plans

Presidential Reconstruction

The presidential plan was to have 10% of the Confederate voters have loyalty to the Union. They had to abolish slavery and ratify the 13th amendment. Also it was a very linient plan (very few requirements)

Congressional Reconstruction

They used the "Marshall law" which divided up the south into zones with federal troops involved. They had to have the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment ratified. Another thing called the " Freedman Bureau" was created to provide basic care and education to the freedman (ex slaves). All of the confederate states had to rewrite their constitutions and have them approved by congress.

Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels

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