Stages Of Government

By: Kennedy Roth

The First stage of Government

The first stage was called primitive communism, this was a hunter gather community. The things that this community did to evolve it were the domestication of animals and figuring out how to farm. One more thing is that people started wanting private property

The Next Stage was Slave Societies

Slave societies happened when big empires conquered and captured people to be their slaves. The things that caused slave societies to evolve was that they kept running out of slaves and having to conquer many more empires.

Stage 3: Feudalism

Feudalism was considered a theocracy and monarchy society. This was when there were three classes and they had a strict place that everyone fit in. The downfall of feudalism was when people created a new class called merchants . The merchants started challenging the higher class people because they had so much money. Then there started being no wage earners because of the serf.
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Stage 4: Capatalism

This is when all businesses are government owned. The reasons capitalism failed were that there was lots of conflict between workers and business owners, another reason was that they were only paid for a small portions of their work. This led to rebellions.
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Stage 5: Socalism

This is when Everyone works more privately instead of being all government owned. Some reasons this stage can evolve into stage six, with lots of time the remaining pieces of Capitalism would be thrown out. This causes Socialism to evolve.

Stage 6: Communism

This is when everything and everyone is equal, and everything is provided to you by companies and you get all you need or want. In this stage there is no government. No society has ever fully accomplished a Communist society.

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