Fun Facts and History

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Fun Facts

Governor- Tom Wolfe

Capital- Harrisburg

Population- 12.74 million

Nickname- The Keystone State

State Facts

State Colors- Blue and Gold

Sate Animal- White Tail Deer

State Tree- Hemlock

State Bug- Firefly

Sate Dog- Great Dane

State Flower- Mountain Laurel

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Popular Places/Monuments


Founded- 1681

Founder- William Penn

Statehood- 1787 (2nd State)

Religious People- Quakers

Famous Historical People

William Penn-Founded Pennsylvania-wasn't born in PA

Betsy Ross-Made the first American flag

Honus Wagner-Legendary baseball player

Major Cities



Harrisburg (Pennsylvania capital)


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Philadelphia Club Teams

Philadelphia Eagles Record 10-6

Philadelphia Phillies Record 73-89

Philadelphia Flyers Record (currently) 22-22-7

Philadelphia 76ers Record (currently) 10-38

Philadelphia Union Record 10-12-12

Pittsburgh Club Teams

Pittsburgh Steelers Record 11-5

Pittsburgh Pirates Record 88-74

Pittsburgh Penguins Record (currently) 28-14-8

Pennsylvania Area

Area-46,058 square miles

Land-44,820 square miles

Water-1,289 square miles

Shoreline-89 miles

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