India's Geography

Ethan Rice

Map of India

Can tell where places are and where they settled and tells where they get there suplies

Where is ancient India located?

Ancient India was located in china but there was a wall of mountains the name of the mountains were Himalaya. Witch made i harder to have war and to end the war. how to find it is look for mountains that travel across India.

Why did they settle there

They settled there because there was water allover the place so they could fish and get food and bath so they stay clean and to wash cloths. and there are perils and diamonds so they can buy thing and live happy.

What geographical features are present?

The geographical features is houses so they could live and have a shelter but they have to build it them self's. It was hard and it took them a long time but it was probably worth it.

How did humans impact the land?

they impact the land by builing houses all over the place which took up a lot of India and harder to find things.

What natural resources are present?

the natural resources are stuff you use to go mining like an pick ax or a flash light they could build what they want with tools so they could have a good house and not pay for it.