1920s Mass Media

By - Alex Irizarry and Braden Creel


Mass Media in the 1920s, including movies, radio shows, and sports like baseball provided entertainment for the lively citizens of the 1920s


1.) As the 1920's roared on, America saw the innovation and rise of many creations never seen or popularly used before. This was mostly due to the fact that Americans were richer than ever and focused more on the luxuries instead of working.

2.) One of the most dominant forms of mass media in the 1920s is the radio. In fact on November 2nd, 1920 the first commercial radio station started operating. Due to film and radio, sports also took off during this time.

3.) It is mostly due to this period of popularity that the radio and films enjoy the popularity they do now because of the increased interest people during this time period showed in them.



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