Grant's Travel Journel

Hometown visit to Macchu Picchu

Today was a fine 15th century day. I got to deliver letters to the royalty living in Macchu Picchu, where I was born. I enjoyed visiting my old house. Ah, I remember the good old days when my sister and I played with the other children in the town all day. I remember learning how to use the quipo, and keeping track of numbers with knots. My father also helped build this archeological masterpiece. Rubbing in the magic plant to soften the stone to be formed and placed in the exact spot.
But my life now is much more exciting. I get to ride my horse, Xavier, to our rest stops delivering packages and letters. I hope no one comes and ruins the Inca civilization. This is sacred ground where the Andes and Amazon River meet.

My dad's quipo

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Trip to Monterry

Today I visited the metroplex of Monterrey, the third largest metroplex in Mexico. There are many stories of violence in this area, but I made it through. The reason I wanted to come here in the first place is to see the economic factor this city has on Mexico. To begin with, I first toured a car factory, and boy! They were tremendous at their job! The tour guide informed us it was because this was a foreign factory, or a maquiladora. They've attracted people from neighboring states to come work at the maquiladoras. This booming economic factor makes Monterrey one of the most valuable cities in all of Mexico. Some say that if Monterrey fall into chaos, so will the rest of the nation too! Something interesting I learned was that Monterry also had some cool machines that actually turned trash into electricity! I got to charge up a battery with this awesome machine, as seen below.
I took a boat ride at the end of the day. It was a peaceful relaxing way to see the Monterrey skyline and end the day. In conclusion, Monterrey's economy looked unscathed by the violence. This is something I'm going to have to think about for the remainder of the trip. It's interesting how the metroplex has not only changed Mexico, but the neighboring countries around it. This is a visit that will change my life. It changes my perspective on things by making me realize in the chaos, order can prevail.

Model Car

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Trip to Costa Rica

Today I visited the beautiful island country of Costa Rica. I noticed that the culture there is really diverse. As I traveled the Island with my longtime friend, Santiago Domingez, we saw a flurry of races from all over the world. Santiago explained to me that it's because the worse off countries are attracted to the island that had stayed peaceful and stable in the middle of a rambunctious area. After an extended day of touring the tremendous beaches, we went home to see Santiago's extended family. He told me that family's are valuable to Tico's, or Costa Ricans. So, we greeted Santiago's wonderful relatives when Santiago had to leave for a meeting at 8:00. Though, it already was 8:00. His brother, Padre, claimed it's customary for Ticos to arrive 15-20 minutes late to meetings.
The next day, Santiago and me were chilling at the beach, when we saw a person sky dive into the water. He said that Tico's practice Pure Vida, which in a nutshell, is living life to the fullest, kind of like YOLO. I remembered it was Sunday, and I asked him when he was going to church, since we were both Christian. He told me that most only go to church on important dates like Easter and Christmas. The culture here is very neat. I easily saw why this country stayed out of war. Everyone here is so friendly to me. I will have to come again in the future!

White Sand from Beach

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Trip to the Amazon Rainforest

Today I visited the Amazon rainforest! It was very hot and humid, because we were close to the equator and the rain. I saw many plants and animals I had never even known existed! I saw a Lillie pad bigger than my arm! I saw a bullet ant, which was the size of my pinkie! This is definatly one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.
My tour guide, Xavier Lopez, tells me that the Amazon rainforest is located in the Amazon Basin, a very fertile are due to the Amazon river, the largest river in the world volume wise, and has over 1000 tributaries. That's huge!
On my trip we saw a cacao tree, which makes chocolate! I got a leaf, and learned that the chocolate can cure heart disease! Finally, an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate! Xaiver said that there is a lot of medical herbs in the rainforest just waiting to be discovered, as well as many plants and animals. That wraps up my trip to Latin America, so keep traveling!

Cacao Leaf

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