Realty Project

By: Cadence Hill

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My Company (ABOVE)

Here at All Galaxy Realty we have the best agents on the planet. We know all the latest tips and tricks to help you buy or sell your planet property. My team are top notch in the galaxy with Brianna, Keira, Bella, Emily and Ghaven.

My Planet (Facts)

The planet called Cleay is the 4th planet from the Sun. It is exactly 3 million km from the sun. It is an inner planet. Cleay is 4 million km from any other planet on either side. Cleay is made up of Hydrogen, and Helium Gas, and has a mass of 6,172,000,000,000 kg. Cleay has 5 moons, and only one ring. It takes this planet 456 days to revolve around the Sun.

Sale Price

32,000,000,000 DOLLERS! This planet won't last long, get it while you can.