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My name is Rebecca, I am 18 years old born on the 30th of June, year 1997. I am the only daughter in a family with 7 children. I am mixed race between Mexican and Italian. I also have a 7 month old niece. I've lived in multiple states and i tend to move a lot. I'm never in one place to long. I'm outside the box, rather than in. I am very artsy. I love abstract things because they have no rules. Creativity is the ocean of my life. I've taken 3 years of studio art. I also write and do photography. I see beauty in everything. I also enjoy culinary arts. Its in my blood to cook, and I'm very well at it. I'm a big book worm, reading is my escape from reality. I honestly hate health, and history. I find it boring and quite hard to grip a hold of. I'm a very outspoken person, i don't like lying and i stand up for what i believe in. I'm a very happy person, whom is a social butterfly. I love astrology. I also have nyctophilia, which is the love of the dark or night, finding relaxation and comfort in darkness. Music is my remedy. I listen to classic rock, modern pop, modern rock, and some metal. I also can play piano and I sing. My style is indie punk, yet i can have a girly side. My addiction is shopping and getting my nails done. I have amazing best friends. My friends are my everything. Friends are like stars you may not always see them but they're always there.
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