October 2019

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Wills Point High School

From the college trips at nearby universities, field trips to explore other cultures, and engaging learning in the classroom and in the field, we know at Wills Point High School our students’ futures are shining bright! Our students have been able to create projects demonstrating their learning and have been collaborating with their peers and teachers to add depth to their knowledge in a variety of ways.

Special Programs

Wills Point ISD Special Programs is all about parent engagement. In the last few weeks, we have hosted two events with great turnout, a Greet and Go as well as a night for Parents of Students with Dyslexia. There are more great opportunities for parent/staff collaboration in the works. Come check it out!


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Technology in action

Mrs. Glenn's 4th-grade math class brought learning math to life using a green screen activity. The class worked on solving multi-step word problems using addition and subtraction with regrouping. The students were driving to grandma's house and had to make a few stops after driving a specified amount of miles. They would stop at a hotel and calculate the number of miles driven and how many more miles they needed to drive the next day. After reaching grandma's house, they calculated the total of what it would be to get there and back home. The other students not participating wrote up the word problem for them and then solved using the formula for whole - part = part and drawing strip diagrams.

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Safety and Security

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The Safety and Security Department and WPISDPD is continually building fundamentals of the PD. Chief Wilhelm is researching and ordering the best products and needed supplies.

“We are working towards streamlining and centralizing our security technologies, to include surveillance, and access control.”

The WPISDPD received a memorandum of understanding with the VZCSO that outlines our agreement to assist each other in a crisis or critical incident. We also met with all the DPS troopers in the county at a regional training meeting and discussed their participation in upcoming events.

Entering into cooperative agreements with the Child Advocacy Center of VZC, Chief Wilhelm and WPISD staff realize that they are a strategic partner in keeping our students safe, providing preventative educational programs, as well as cooperating with investigation where children are harmed.

A new vehicle is at the up-fitters shop and the installation of emergency equipment is being installed.

Chief Wilhelm and Officer Jones are working on a district wide E-cig program for students, evaluating district initiatives aimed at discouraging tobacco and e-cig use by students.

Wilhelm is also working with IT to implement a new Raptor visitor management system that notifies key staff member when sex offenders arrive on campus, alerts for specific student needs, and “active shooter” and “medical” alerts buttons in the lobbies of every school campus. These upgrades would automatically notify police, campus administration, nurses, and central administration, where applicable.

A Meet & Greet for Chief Wilhelm is scheduled for Thursday, November 14, at Wills Point ISD Administration from 5:00-6:30pm.

Congratulations to our October Staff of the Month!

Who said paper airplanes are against the rules?

Over the last few weeks in science, our second-grade classes have been studying the properties of matter. The properties of matter unit is always a fun unit for second graders because they get to experiment. One of the experiments they worked on was to answer the guiding question, What effect does cutting or folding have on the physical properties of materials? To answer this question and test their hypothesis our second-grade students built paper airplanes. If you would like to try this at home, take a sheet of paper and without making any changes try to throw it as far as you can. Then take that same piece of paper, fold it into an airplane and let it fly.

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Tiger Tech with Mrs. Whitaker

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Tiger Techs are cranking it up this month!

Another great month of exploration and innovation in our classrooms with a variety of tools… Many courtesy of our great Education Foundation who granted an amazing amount of money this month to support ongoing efforts for the best learning experiences for our students. Two teachers were recognized at the Board meeting earlier this month for achieving the top level of Tiger Tech and two more High School teachers have joined that amazing level. Not only is it great that these teachers pursue the best learning experiences for all students but they lead their peers and share great things to benefit even more of our students... Love adding more “Shout-outs” to the posters as evidence of the collaborative spirit!

As of 10/22/19

Level 1 - (NEW)

Keely Turner (1st grade)

Jennifer Brannon (HS ELA)

Tiera Homer (HS Math)

Regina DeDominicis (HS Graphic Design)

Amy Spurger (MS ELA)
Kimberly Moir (4th grade)

Brandy Pearson (Primary Instructional Coach)

Lisa Valentine (MS ELA)

Erin Galope (HS ELA)

Level 2 - (NEW)

Christina Covin (WPHS Instructional Coach)

Typhanie Hill (7th ELA)

Holly Hurley (3rd grade)

Tiger Techs (NEW)

Tes Moore (HS Spanish)

Jennifer Herod (HS Science)

Jennifer Reynolds (HS Health)

Shellby Doigg (HS ASL)

Instructional Coaches


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In 2016, WPISD took a giant leap forward with the approval to hire instructional coaches on each campus in the district. Instructional coaches offer teachers with multiple resources right on their own campuses. Our coaches assist with lesson planning, curriculum guidance, mentoring new teachers, use of best practices, and implementation of our Wills Point Learning Experience. Coaches are all training using a best practice model and go through the coaching process themselves throughout the year. Our technology coach travels to all campuses introducing teachers and students to various new technology resources available to enhance student learning and achievement.

HS- Christina Covin

JH- Jamie Laney

MS- Jami Hitt

Woods- Lahri Gentry

Primary- Brandy Pearson

Technology- Tammy Whitaker



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Dalton Huff Grant

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Clint Hubbard Grant

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Skeletal Systems in the Science Lab

Students at the Primary are learning about skeletal systems and about how many bones we have from baby to adult. Students rotate through different skeleton themed stations. Students build skeletons using various sizes of cut up Q-tips. They have a model that they look at and try to replicate it on their own. At the magnetic wall, students are challenged to create a skeleton using the tools from the wall. They are reading books related to our bodies. Students are super eXcited about the X-ray Center. The kids are looking at animal X-rays and really enjoying seeing the different bones and trying to figure out what animal it is. In the building center, students are challenged to use the blocks to build a skeleton. Students are doing a fabulous job. They are expanding their vocabulary and learning about which bone is where in their bodies. Kudos to Jeannie Shelton for bringing our Science Lab to life and bringing the students such joy in learning there!

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Around our Community with Mrs. Mullin

We are so very lucky to live in a small community that values community fellowship and support of our children. Throughout the next several months, our town will host events celebrating the seasons and offering festivals and contests for all ages.

The City of Wills Point has named their theme for Christmas on the Bricks Parade. “Christmas Vacation” is sure to draw in fans from all around Wills Point. Multiple campus organizations and district personnel will participate in the parade. Bring the family down to our brick streets for some shopping, food, and fun on December 7, 2019.
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Community Involvement at Primary

Last month, a parent and community member, Michael Stevens, approached Mrs. White and asked to construct a Fall display to uplift our Primary students and staff as they enter the building. If you get a chance, stop by and check it out!

Several local businesses and community members donated time and materials to this project. We think it looks amazing!

Thank you to the following people who helped: Reginald Qualls Family, Home Depot Terrell, TX. , Clair Produce wills Point, TX. , Wills Point Hardware, Flowerfield's Florist Terrell, TX. , House & Buggy Antiques and Collectibles Terrell, TX. , Lowe's Forney, TX. , Circle C Feed & Hardware Elmo, TX. , Brody Bushnell, Brookshires Wills Point TX. , The Bluebird Cafe Wills Point, TX. , Charlie Burgin Family, Danny's Place Wills Point TX. , Salem & Nicolas Stevens-Schoener. C. Michael Stevens


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Junior High Pink Out!

#Character #Service

Thursday October 10th was a touching day at Wills Point Junior High. To honor Breast Cancer Awareness, the WPJH Tiger family came together to rep the color PINK for our "Pink Out" Pep Rally. During our Pep Rally, the WPJH band played, our Tiger Cheerleaders led the crowd in a few cheers, WPJH Tigerettes danced, and Color Guard performed with their flags. During Tootsie the Tiger's mascot skit, she honored Jackye Rogers, WPISD employee, for being a breast cancer survivor by presenting her with a pink rose. We look forward to our final pep rally on October 24th, where the WPJH Tigers take on the Canton Eagles.

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As the winter season creeps in, homeless shelters have a great need for socks of all sizes. Wills Point Junior High began our annual Socktober Sock Drive. Our 6th period classes competed in a friendly competition to see who could bring the most pairs of socks. Mrs. Porter's 6th period class won with an awesome collection of 328 pairs of socks! Overall, WPJH collected over 1,015 pairs of socks to be able to donate to the Family Gateway Homeless Shelter in Dallas.

AG Livestock Show

Students exhibited their livestock projects at the Alba-Golden Young Farmers Livestock Show. Many student’s livestock placed in different species including market lambs, breeding heifers, and market goats. Overall, the students did a fantastic job showing their livestock and they look forward to the next show they have planned.

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Pumpkins and Characters...Oh My!

Our 1st Pumpkin decorating contest representing a character from student’s favorite books kicked off this month. This event encourages reading and creativity with families. Pumpkins will be judged during our Trunk or Treat event and the winners from each grade level will receive a $25 shopping spree at the Book Fair!

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WPHS College Trip to East Texas Baptist University

Juniors and Seniors took a trip to East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas. Students from Wills Point High School were able to tour the campus, meet with current students, and talk to an admission counselor. Our students even had the opportunity to view a college dorm room as well as try out the campus cuisine! Our next college trip is planned for November 6th to the University of Texas in Dallas. In visiting different universities and colleges, our purpose is for students to be able to discover their path and see the opportunities that are available to them.


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Kids of Character

Focusing on character and service, our teachers have nominated students for our Kids of Character Club. These students will coordinate various service projects throughout the year, outreach to the community such as visiting nursing homes, organize charitable donations. During the year, these students will also be promoting leadership throughout the school by exhibiting outstanding character to their peers.


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2nd grade class meet author of story from their textbook

On Friday, October 18th, Mrs. Greggs had the opportunity to meet Mara Rockliff, author of Gingerbread for Liberty, using Google Hangouts. Gingerbread for Liberty is a story from the new HMH textbook adoption. Mrs. Rockliff shared with the students why she chose to write the story and a little about her life in Pennsylvania. She told also preview her new book Billie Jean for the students and showed them a picture of her when she was in the second grade.

TIny Houses

Our 5th grade Gifted and Talented students completed a tiny house project. The main floor of the house had to be 400 square feet or less and had to include a sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom. At least two furniture items in the house had to be used for multipurposes, like a bed with storage underneath, stairs with storage, table that folds up for extra kitchen countertops and can be used as a dining room table, etc. They had to first create a floor plan showing the location of toilet, shower, tub and sink, kitchen cabinets, counters, sink, oven and refrigerator, as well as a seating area with chairs or a couch and tv. The students were very creative in their designs and incorporated some very inventive ideas!

Message from Dr. Caloss

House Bill (HB 3) 3, a sweeping and historic school finance bill was passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019. The bill provides more money for Texas classrooms, increases teacher compensation, and cuts local property taxes for Texas taxpayers. HB 3 is one of the most transformative Texas education bills in recent history. Wills Point ISD has benefitted from this new bill. It has first and foremost allowed the district to give every employee in the district a significant pay raise. A portion of the additional revenue from HB 3 is also being allocated to the school district’s instructional program. Tutoring for students, a mentoring program for new teachers, reading academies, instructional software, and training in “Capturing Kids Hearts” will be implemented through the district’s instructional program. Safety and security continues to be a major focus for the district. Radios, cameras, and a safety app will be purchased to help increase the safety and security of our students and staff. As the district makes a major push with its technology program, additional digital devices will be purchased for both students and teachers. Other items to be purchased include mental health programs and training, playground equipment for the primary and intermediate campuses, classroom furniture, and a floor for the middle school gym. Wills Point ISD is excited about the wonderful opportunities provided for our students and staff as a result of HB 3.

Calendar of Events

High School

Nov. 2nd - Girls Basketball @ Lindale

Nov. 4th - Winona FFA LDE Contest

Nov. 5th - Alba Golden FFA LDE Contest

Nov. 5th - Girls Basketball @ Rains

Nov. 6th - Area Wildlife Contest @ Nacogdoches SFA

Nov. 6th - College Trip to Universityof Texas at Dallas

Nov. 7th- 9th/JV Football vs Rusk

Nov. 8th - Varsity Football @ Rusk

Nov. 9th - State Cross Country Meet

Nov. 12th- Girls Basketball @ Grand Saline

Nov. 13th- Mineola District FFA LDE Contest

Nov. 14th- Girls Basketball @ Mabank Tournament

Nov. 15th- Girls Basketball @ Mabank Tournament

Nov. 16th- Girls Basketball @ Mabank Tournament

Nov. 19th- Girls Basketball @ Caddo Mills

Nov. 20th - Spring Letter Jacket Fitting

Nov. 20th - Area 6 FFA LDE Contest

Nov. 22nd- Girls Basketball @. Dallas Kimball

Nov. 22nd - Boys Basketball vs. Crandall

Nov. 25th - 29th - Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 25th- Boys Basketball @ Pottsboro

Nov. 26th- Girls Basketball @ Ferris

Nov. 26th- Girls Basketball vs. Scurry-Rosser

Nov. 26th- Boys Basketball @ Scurry-Rosser

Junior High

Nov 7th - Football @ Rusk

Nov. 11th- Veterans Day Program

Nov. 18th- Thanksgiving Lunch

Nov. 21st-Retake picture day

Middle School

Nov. 2nd - Tentative launch date for Rocketry Club launch

Nov. 7th - Kona Ice

Nov. 18th - Thanksgiving Lunch

Nov. 25th-29th - Thanksgiving Break

Woods Intermediate

Nov. 8th - PTO Hospitality

Nov. 8th - Special Olympics Bowling (AMF Lanes Garland)

Nov. 12th - PTO Fundraiser Delivery

Nov. 15th - Kona Day

Nov. 25th- 29th - Thanksgiving Break

Primary School

Oct. 28th - Book Fair (Begins)

Oct. 28th - Trunk or Treat

Oct. 31st - Mad Scientist Day

Nov. 1st - Book Fair (Ends)

Nov. 1st - PTO Hospitality

Nov. 12th - PTO Meeting

Nov. 14th - Head Start Parent Meeting

Nov. 22nd - Turkey Trot

Nov. 25th -29th Thanksgiving Break