Dog-Ears: Summer Edition

Slackwood's Summer Reading Splash! May 2014

Got Books?

Preventing Summer Slide

It is so important for your child to continue to read and be read to over the summer. Experts agree that children who read during the summer gain reading skills, while those who do not often slide backward. According to research by Richard Allington and Anne McGill Franzen, summer reading loss is a big factor in achievement and accounts for at least 80 percent of the reading achievement gap by the ninth grade. What can you do to keep your children reading all summer long? This issue of Dog-Ears is dedicated to answering that question. You’ll also read about the exciting things Slackwood School is doing to keep your child learning all summer long!

Slackwood School Literacy Team

We are teachers and faculty who love helping kids love to read (and we love books!) We are here to support you and your children in learning to read and reading to learn! Please let us know how we can help you!

Mrs. Kapp, Mrs. Wallauer, Ms. DeRiso & Mrs. Saretzky