Zhan Haite

By: Michael Zamora Per. 4

A voice for equal education opportunities

"Where is my right to the high school exam?"

Early Life

Zhan Haite was born in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province in 1997. Her father's name is Zhan Quanxi . She has one brother and one sister. Zhan was four when her family moved to Shanghai in 2002. Zhan was told that she couldn't take the senior high school entrance exam in her place of residence. She started a Weibo account and called for equal education opportunities.

Aspects of Life

Her Passion: Education

Fight for equal education opportunities

Zhan had moved to Shanghai when she was four. When she was ready for high school, Zhan was told she could not take the entrance exam due to where she lived. Instead of going to a vocational high school, Zhan decided to speak out.


Definition of Hero: a person who is idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Zhan is a perfect example of what a hero is because she was a voice for others who were not able to take the exam because of where they lived.She requested a debate with citizens in Shanghai who oppose nonresidents taking the entrance exam which took place in front of the office of the Shanghai Education Commission. She continued with the debate even though there were parents waiting there with masks that said "NO!". Zhan continued with her protests even though she received anonymous threats many times
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