Explore the Amazonian Jungles!

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There is much to do in the Amazon, so why not try it?

With this month-long Amazonian adventure, you will hike through the lush and beautiful Amazon rain forest during the day with a guide to follow. And, at night, we have built many tree-top houses to sleep in and enjoy the night. Hike through the undergrowth, go swimming in the natural springs, go boating on the Amazon river, watch the wildlife, and much, much more!

Amazonian Rainforest Adventure

Sunday, May 31st 2015 at 12pm to Thursday, July 2nd 2015 at 12pm

The Amazon rainforest

It will be a 12 hour flight, pack everything you might need to go exploring the rainforest and more. You will be in the Amazon for 1 month, plus flight time. Enjoy!

Posible adventures in the Amazon

  • Hiking and backpacking through the Amazon rainforest
  • Spend the night in tree-top houses built especially for our trips
  • Swim in the natural springs
  • Go boating on the Amazon river
  • Watch the wildlife
  • Much, much more!

We are Adventureco

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