The Haunted Place In Tx


The Haunted Place In Texas

There are lots of scary and hunted place in texas like the buck horn museaum,the haunted train tracks,and san atonio insane aslyum.But there is the most haunted place in san atonio TX it's the menger hotel.Standing at the alamo plaza the menger hotel is one of the most haunted hotel in texas.

The reason why the Menger Hotel is so haunted that people say that teddy roseaveli died their. teddy roseveali is one of the Civil war camander who also fauoth at it to. rumor that people hear footstep,movement,and when teddy roseveil shouting at their men.Teddy roosevelt's spirit still visits there maintenance man also report doors that open after being locked and hear musical noises and marching coming from vnoccupied part of the hotel.