Coyote Chronicle

November 2018 Edition

Leader of The Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for November 2018. This month the character trait exemplified was Responsibility. During the assembly, each homeroom got to play a fun and active trivia game. Keep up the great work, coyotes, and we will be looking for students who demonstrate strong empathy for the month of December!

Join us in celebrating:

Fifth Grade:

Alicia Infante, Zachary Kamenar, Lily Martin, and Hunter Simpson

Sixth Grade:

Lexi Kambeck, Gianna Kennedy, Colin Power, and Hailey Allen

Seventh Grade:

Shane Deman, Sade Weil, Marissa Massaro, and Brian Smith

Eighth Grade:

Alexis Hakes, Logan Roesch, and Kai Whyee

Middle School Special Area:

Kylie Amelung

8th Grade Science Fair

The 8th graders showed off their work on Tuesday, November 20th during the annual Science Fair judging day. Students from Stockton University came to our school to judge the Fair. This was the culmination to eight weeks of hard work and individual effort on their projects. The judges worked diligently to determine the top 5 projects.

They are as follows:

  1. Plastic from Milk by Alp Gul
  2. Hydrogenic Future by Dylan Day
  3. Primo's Hydraulics by Madeline Lee
  4. Fire Spread by Ethan Butterhof
  5. Elephants Brushing with Toothpaste by Michael Sears

Congratulations to the winners and to all the projects.

Mullica Township School Honors Veterans

On November 14, 2018, Mullica School invited Veterans to the annual Veteran's Day Celebration. Approximately 80 local Veteran's came to visit. Most of the Veteran's were parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings of our students. The Veterans were greeted and escorted into the library for a light breakfast. After breakfast, the Veterans headed to our gymnasium for the ceremony. After recognizing all of our visitors and performing a few special numbers the Veterans enjoyed a bountiful lunch in the library.

-Mrs. Rabush

Gym Jump Rope Contests

Middle school students Natalie and Amanda showed their endurance during jump rope contests in physical education class.

-Mr. Newhall

Coyotes Taking Charge!

5th Grade Coyotes are taking charge of the science bulletin board by creating a slogan and homemade graphics for the current science topic! They also decided to use the leaves from outside on our Ecosystem Bulletin Board.

-Mrs. Pino

Be Careful What You Wish For

Students in Mrs. Rivera's ELA class read two classic stories, "The Third Wish" and "The Monkey's Paw." They examined how the two different stories approached a common theme: be careful what you wish for.

Talking Without Speaking

In English class, 7th grade students are reading articles about identity, self-worth, and self-discovery. Students participated in a silent written discussion about the article “My Own True Name”. Students wrote about how the author’s internal and external identity shifted, and discussed their thoughts and opinions of the text.

-Miss Donio

Science Class Hard at Work!

Mrs. Rodio's science class learned about producers, decomposers, and consumers while working on task cards in a group.

-Mrs. Rodio

2018 Turkey Bowl

The 2018 Turkey Bowl was a huge success. The eighth grade students took the lead in the day's event. Students could participate as a player in the game, scorekeeper, timer, cheerleader or as a special guest band member, playing with the Cedar Creek Band. The competition was fierce during the 8th grade games but Mr. Smith's team came out as the overall winner. His team advanced to play the Mullica staff in the championship game. The game went touch down for touch down, however, the staff was able to continue their 17 year winning streak, by defeating the students in overtime. Fun was had by all.

-Mrs. Tomasello

-Photo Credit Mrs. Sheldon

Math Sketchnotes

During this weeks math class students made "Sketch Notes" to help reinforce the concepts of what we were learning. "Sketch Notes" are colorful and interactive notes to help make certain aspects of our notes stand out. This allows students to have visual representations of important concepts, and this has been proven to help aid in their learning and recall of information!

-Mr. Apalucci

7th Grade Science

Students have wrapped up the unit on Matter and Chemistry. They are moving into Energy and how it can change form. They also are learning how to measure potential and kinetic energy.

-Mrs. Bartling

5th Grade Science Debate

5th grade students debated whether or not farms should grow crops using aquaponics. They had to list the Pros and Cons and choose a side. Their choices were: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree and Strongly Disagree. The debate was heated at times with both sides having strong reasons to support their opinion.

-Mrs. Pino

5th Grade Regions Commercials

5th grade students learned about the 5 regions of the United States. Then they created commercials enticing viewers to come visit their region. Students learned from one another during this collaborative project.

-Mrs. Manzer and Mrs. Massaro

Marvelous Math with Mrs. Coughlin and Mrs. Lazos

Students learning the difference between negative and positive slope by writing their name on the line. Name going up it’s positive, name going down negative.

7th Grade Africa Presentations

7th graders wrapped up their study of the African continent by researching and creating presentations on various African countries. Students taught their classmates about their assigned country's geography, climate, economy, people, and culture, all while practicing their public speaking skills.

Sixth Grade Science with Mr. McLaughlin

The sixth-grade science class is learning about gravity through a fun and engaging activity from their Stemscopes science program. They are discovering how gravity works on the Earth’s surface and gravity's effect in space with planets in the solar system. The class is writing down their observations and then they will share their finding with the class in figuring out gravity and how it works.

Mr. Gerber's Big History News

"Tie-ing" together the Origins of Religion

Just like the purpose of a tie to organize your look, religion can organize the chaos and unhappiness of early society. 7th-grade students learned the historical origins, connections, common features, and purpose of world religions. In the meantime, students learned how to tie a tie and make deeper connections to the origins of religion.

Model Scale & 3D Printing

5th-grade students were tasked with researching famous man-made objects (bridges, towers, buildings, cars, planes, rockets, etc...). Following, they had to scale down the model on graph paper, then transfer the data to Tinkercad for creation. A true Big History experience on perspective and scale.


6th grade students are "gamestorming" to create ideas for a math-themed board game. We ware using collaborative math practices to implement our 6th grade content into an interactive game. All games will be shared throughout the class and played by each student's peers at the conclusion of the activity!

-Mr. Richards

Mathematicians in Grade 5

5th Graders are hard at work learning how to solve LLLLLOOOOONNGG Division! Keep up the Persistence Coyotes!

-Mrs. Lazos and Mrs. Massaro

Mullica Township Community Giving Tree

The Mullica Township School Community Giving Tree is located in the Elementary School Office. Please stop in to take a tag or two. The tags on our community giving tree are specific to students in Mullica Township School and provide gifts for them and their younger and/or older siblings for Christmas. With school families filling most of the "wishes" each year our outreach is very successful and assist a lot of families. Please don't wait; stop in today to pick your tag. In addition, we are collecting "things" for teens to add to their Christmas gift bags. Items such as lip gloss, earbuds, hats, mittens, toiletries, etc. are helpful. These items can be anything you think a teen would like. The items will be divided among the older students listed on our tree. The older students are often a challenge to gather gifts for and often overlooked. Anything in your closet that you never wore? If it has tags we'll find a student to match it too! Anything you've been given that you might want to re-gift? Bring it in we'll find a match in time for Christmas. All gifts and donations should be returned unwrapped with their identification tags by December 17th for timely distribution before the holiday break. If you have any questions please call Liz Rabush at 609-561-3868 x 143.

Magnet Programs

The Greater Egg Harbor regional 2019-20 Magnet application deadline is December 14, 2018. For more information about the Magnet programs and how to apply please refer the link provided. You can also contact Mr. Maher with any thoughts or questions. He can be reached by phone (609) 561- 3868 x 155 or by email

To view the Greater Egg Harbor Regional Magnet Program Brochure use the link above.

8th Grade Magnet Shadow Program

Would you like your 8th-grade child to shadow a high school student in a Magnet Program? Refer to the flyer for the appropriate contact person.

Internet Safety Presentation

The Hamilton Township Public School District will be holding an Internet Safety presentation on December 12th. RSVP Required

Mark Your Calendar

12/5, 12/6, 12/7 – Parent Teacher Conferences (Early Dismissal)

12/6 – 12/14 – PTA Book Fair

12/13 – Winter Band Concert

12/14 – PTA Holiday Night

12/14 – Trimester 1 Report Cards Distributed

12/20- Winter Choral Concert

12/21 Early Dismissal

12/24-1/1 Winter Vacation

1/2-BOE Reorganization Meeting

1/9 PTA Meeting Media Center

1/11 PTA Family Movie Night

Yearbooks On Sale

Yearbooks are now on sale for the lowest price of the year! Get yours now before the price goes up.

8th Grade Yearbook Recognition Ads

8th Grade Parents: Make sure you create a recognition ad in the yearbook to celebrate your 8th grader's accomplishments! Ads are due January 16, 2019.

Please Join the Mullica Township PTA

Did you know that the Mullica township PTA supports events and activities that benefit our students every month of the year? Thank you, PTA for all you do for our children!

Membership is only $5.00 per year.

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