Earthquakes around the world.

Kfir Lerner


In this flyer I'm gotta compare 2 earthquakes.

The first earthquake is in the Indian ocean 10 years ago and the second one is in Haiti 4 years ago.

Here is a short film about the earthquakes:

Indian ocean

On December 26 2004 ,9.1 richter scale earthquake hit the Indian ocean.

Her energy worth to the energy of 10000 atomic bombs!!

The earthquake made a big tsunami in the coasts of Indonesia.

This tsunamis killed over 280000 peoples and left 1.5 millions without shelter.


On 12 Janurary 2010,7.0 richter scale earthquake hit in the Hispaniola island in Haiti.

In the fishing town Petit Paradis was tsunami.

In the picture we can see the capital city of Haiti,Port-au-Prince after the earthquake.

This earthquake killed over 230000 peoples and left 1.2 million people without shelter.


By the comparing,we can see that the earthquke in the Indian ocean was bigger than the earthquake in Haiti