Diary of Anne Frank

A young girl during World War 2.

When the war started and ended

WW2 started in September 1, 1939 and ended in September 2, 1945. Also you could fight that the war started when Adolf Hitler came into power in 1933


The reason all the Jewish people were not wanted in Germany was because of their "leader" Adolf Hitler who did not like Jewish people. Hitler wanted a race of people with blonde hair and blue eyes to live around the world and that was called the Aryan race.

Jewish people

Jewish people where being executed because Germany didn't want them in their country. Anne Frank was one of those Jewish people that went to hiding and was an annoying little girl who didn't enjoy being around adults.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank went into hiding with another family, the Van Danns. There also was a dentist named Dussel. Most of these people annoyed Anne besides Peter Van Dann who Anne loved. Anne thought all adults were annoying except her father.