By: Cheyenne Taylor

Main Beliefs.

  • Judaism teaches its followers, After the death of Jesus, at the same time a small sect of former Jews. Jews don't actively seek to refute Christian teachings.
  • The book or text that they use is called a "Torah" or the Hebrew Bible.
  • Over the centuries a few possible description of Afterlife have been incorporated into Jewish thoughts.
  • Jewish people go to a Jewish church called "Synagogue" or a Temple.
  • Jews go to this "Synagogue" every afternoon and prayers are done right before sundown.
  • When do Jews go to "Synagogue"? They go every Friday.
  • Jewish people Have some rituals they follow and they are, Traditional Death rituals and they practice issues and they even go over Ethic Laws.

Important Cities/Area Of Land.

  • Their most important cities are Hebron and Tzfat and Timberans
  • These are important to Jews from Hebron founded the Venetion glass industry in the 9th century.

Central Person/Figure.

  • The Central person or figure are Abraham and Moses and Isaac and Jacob
  • Aaron brother of Moses and Miriam and Abigail return to Zion.

Current Event.

  • This Event is taking place at the local place in Syganopore.
  • The event is called Bar Mitzvah its a ceremony and a party referred to as a Bar.

Local Place Of Worship.

  • The local place of worship is the Second temple of Judaism.
  • Approximately 250,000 people practice Judaism in the United States.
  • 9,200,000 people practice Judaism in the world.