John F Kennedy


Early life

John F Kennedy born on may 29, 1917 in Brooklyn Massachusetts. Both the Kennedy brothers were wealthy and prominent Irish catholic Boston family's. Kennedy's paternal grandfather, P.J. Kennedy, was a wealthy banker and liquor trader, and his maternal grandfather john E Fitzgerald nickname "honey fitz" was a skilled politician who served as a congressman in Boston.

Middle life

In 1931 John F Kennedy began going to boarding school, In Connecticut. He was a straight A student then later in 1940 he graduated from Harvard. He got a degree to affairs in world war II then a little bit later he had went to the navy for training in 1930 he was the senator and in 1961 Kennedy was president he had said he would put a man on the moon and he did in 1961 he had put a man on the moon.

Back life

John F Kennedy was the 35 president of the us the in 1953 he got married and had 3 kids and he also got shot in 1963 in Dallas,Texas in open limo the person who shot him was lee Harvey Oswald then later he got assassinated. John f Kennedy met with a guy named martin Luther king Jr, For people rights.
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