Basse-terre is the capital of Guadeloupe

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History of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe was controlled by France and is still controlled by France. Therefore it has not gained independence yet. Their official language is french.
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Flag of Guadeloupe

The flag of Guadeloupe is the French tricolor flag. Each color was used to represent a good relationship between the king and the people of Paris. The color white represents- royalty, the color blue and red represents- stood for arms of Paris.

Geographical Information

Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean. It is located between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, and it is southeast of Puerto Rico. Some physical features of Guadeloupe is and island called Ilet a Cabrit, a volcano named La Soufriere, and another island called La redonde.

Political and Economic Information

Type of government- Republic

Leader- Jacques Gillot

Currency- Euro

Economic System- Capitalism

Tourist Information

People should visit Guadeloupe because of the glorious beaches, fascinating history, National Park, lifestyle, and the snorkeling and diving etc. When tourists come to visit Guadeloupe they should take a hike, walk around the capital, climb an active volcano, kayak through the mangroves, and go scuba diving. Also they should see the beautiful beaches, Basse-Terre island, La Sourfriere, Zoological and Botanical Park, and the La Desirade and more.

Pictures of things to see and do in Guadeloupe

Interesting Facts

- there are about 400,000 people living in Guadeloupe

- Christopher Columbus named Guadeloupe in 1493 after a Spanish monastery

- the largest city or town is Pointe-a-Pitre with about 133,000 people living there