Followers are Christians

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Central Teaching/ Beliefs

Christians pray in churches. Sunday is Sabbath, a day of rest for them. They believe in Trinity Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. Their Declaration of Faith is: Sacrifice thru atoning salvation(for forgiveness in sin) of Jesus Christ(Son of God) who died for sake of mankind sin and rose again three days later = eternal life in heaven.

Sacraments/ Traditions

Baptism marks a Christian's enter into a church. Holy Communion is when they share bread and wine to remember Jesus's last supper(his last meal with his followers before he was crucified).

Worship Leaders

There are many name for the worship leader such as minister, preacher, priest, and pastor. Church hierarchy can include titles such as bishop(several denominations), cardinal, pope(Roman Catholic).

Holy Book

The Bible has two testaments: The Old Testament, which is the Hebrew Bible, and the New Testament, which is the Gospel. The Gospel is the story of Jesus' life and teachings and spread of a message by apostle.

Holy Days/ Holidays

Christmas is a holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, which is December 25. Kids all around the world get presents. Easter celebrates the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ Which allows believers to live with God eternally in Heaven. This holiday is celebrated on a Sunday in Spring.

Holy Cities

Common holy sites for Christians include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the place where Jesus Christ was crucified. Also, Bethlehem is where Jesus was born.

Common figure

The common figure, or the founding father, for Christianity is Abraham. Abraham is also the founding father to Judaism and Islam.