May is Device Inspection Month!

For all students using TVUSD-issued IPads or Chromebooks

Device Inspection and Check-In Information

Dear TVUSD Family,

This year, TVUSD was able to successfully place over 19,000 devices in the hands of our students! While this was necessary to support virtual learning, we have achieved an almost one-to-one learning environment between TVUSD-issued devices and student-owned devices. This is an excellent benefit moving forward as so much of what students access is digital. While we plan to return to traditional learning next year, devices will always continue to be a necessity as a tool to support student's education.

We are fast approaching the end of the school year, and it's time to begin inspecting TVUSD-issued student devices and ensure they are in working order. As you can imagine, it's quite an undertaking to inspect over 19,000 devices! Thankfully, our expert tech teams have developed site-specific plans that will make it a relatively easy and seamless process.

Here's what you need to know. Beginning Monday, May 3, and continuing throughout May, you can expect to receive communication from your student's school librarian with site-specific information on the process and dates they will be performing inspections of student-issued devices (Chromebooks and IPads) as well as check-in dates if your student is transitioning to a new school next year.

Why and When Will TVUSD-Issued Devices Be Collected?

If your student meets any of the following transition criteria, school sites will collect TVUSD-issued student devices from the following students between JUNE 7 and 11, 2021:

  • Exiting 5th, 8th, and 12th graders.
  • Students moving out of the school district over the summer.
  • Students moving to a different school within our district.

Can My Student Retain A District-Issued Device Over the Summer?

  • For students who are transitioning to a new school site next year (as noted above), they should contact their new school site office to REQUEST and PICK up a device BEFORE JUNE 11, 2021.
  • For students who are remaining at their current school site next year, once the librarian inspects your device, you will be able to retain your device.

Device Insurance for the 2021/22 School Year

After the student's device is inspected during the MAY Inspection Month, each school site will provide families with confirmation of the device inspection. When you receive the confirmation from the school, you will then be able to purchase device insurance for the next school year. Insurance coverage is annual and begins July 1, 2021. We recommend families purchase the insurance if you are planning on having your student retain their device during the summer.

Will My Student Be Able to Obtain A Device In the New School Year?

Yes. If your student does not retain their current device or pick up a device from their new school by June 11, 2021, the following will be available for the next school year beginning in August.

  • A device will be issued to any student that still needs one, either during their August school business days or on their first day of school on August 11, 2021.

  • Optional insurance will be offered to those families and must be purchased within two weeks of their iPad (elementary) or Chromebook (secondary) being issued to their student.

  • Some students may prefer to participate in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and any forms that are required must be completed and turned in to the campus.