Severe Bleeding

By: Jacobs Lorenzo

Severe bleeding is the act, fact, or process of losing blood or having blood flow. This can occur externally through a opening on the body like the mouth. This is a life threatening situation that can lead to death if not treated immediately.


Step 1. Sanitize your hands if you can to avoid infecting the wound.

Step 2. Lay the person down on a flat surface and elevate their legs

Step 3. Cover them with a blanket

Step 4. Remove any debris from the bleeding area

Step 5. Apply pressure to the wound to stop the severe bleeding.

Step 6. Place a pad over the the and hold by the edges.

Step 7. Add cloths or bandages if the blood comes through the pad.

Step 8. Place an ice pack on the wound

Step 9. Locate an artery near the wound and apply pressure on it.

Step 10. Take the injured person to the hospital and keep attending to them while the ambulance gets here.