Join us this weekend.....

We have a great line-up of classes to get you through the weekend!


5:30pm CrossFit

5:30pm Theme Ryde


7am BodyWeight Interval Training (NEW CLASS)

7am Mash-up Ryde

8am Jillian Michaels BodyShred

8am Mash-up Ryde

9am 30 Minute Tabata Abs

9:15am Ryde and Yoga*

3pm CrossFit


8:30am House Ryde

9:30am Yoga for Flexibility

11am Ryde and Rip* (NEW CLASS)

3pm CrossFit

*Our combo classes are designated as cycling classes in our system so clients with Fitness Studio Unlimited Memberships need to email to

Did you know...

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...our online store has a First Class Free option for new clients?

If you've never taken a class with us we would LOVE to have you!!

If you have a friend that you've been trying to get to come and take a class, let them know that they can come check us out for free!