Igor Vovkovinskiy, the tallest man

Igor Vovkovinskiy

Igor Vovkovinskiy is not your typical Minnesota man, that’s for sure. Born in Ukraine, the boy moved with his parents to the US when he was seven years old. He required special medical care that simply wasn’t available in his homeland. The boy was already 5 feet and 4 inches tall at that time! His condition was caused by a tumor pressing on the pituitary gland, which, in turn, resulted in the excessive levels of growth hormone.

Today, Igor Vovkovinskiy is officially the tallest living person in the United States. He is now 7 feet and 8.33 inches (234.5 cm) tall! The downside of his condition is that Igor has already had 25 surgeries on his left leg alone. Also, the man constantly experiences horrible pain and has to take pills all the time. Unfortunately, his doctors do not allow him to try the CBD (cannabidiol) capsules to tackle the pain.