Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is a program primarily used to type documents. However, this program has expanded much from when its first version was released in 1989 for 495 dollars. Since then, Word has been re-released and updated numerous times. Despite these updates, people primarily use Word for its basic features that it was originally released with. Some of these new features include audio notes, the ability to embed online videos, and the ability to expand or collapse tabs in the document.
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Navigating to Word

To navigate to Word, look for the blue W on your desktop. When you find it, double click it and it will take you to Microsoft word.


1. Audio Notes feature.

2. Doesn't require internet connection to work on it like google docs. This would be helpful if you wanted to write a paper when you were flying on a plane or sitting somewhere else that you wouldn't have internet connection in.

3. The ability to access your documents via the Microsoft Word app when your away from your computer

Future Uses

I think that this tool will be used in my future in the various ways.

1. The audio notes will be used as a backup version of notes for lectures in college. Using these I could go back later through the audio notes if i missed something in my notes from the lecture.

2. The audio notes could be also used to listen to the lecture if i didn't feel like getting up or if I had to miss a lecture. I could get a friend to use the audio notes option and to record the lecture, which I could listen to later at a more convenient time.