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Acton Weekly Update 3/15/19

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Coach's Corner

Great job with starting your GR tables! The tables I was able to visit looked great! If you ever need me to come model a section of the lesson plan that you have a question on, just let me know. Don't forget to make notations about the observations you are making on your students during your GR table on the back of the lesson template. This will help you as you choose next steps with each of your kiddos.

Below I have linked some helpful tips with guided writing.

Guided Writing Question Stems

Target Skills and Strategies for Guided Writing

Curricular Updates:

Nadine Model Lessons (Rescheduled from March)

On April 3rd, please join Nadine in the LGI room with your team!

9:15 Kindergarten

10:00 First Grade

10:45 Second Grade

11:30 4th Grade

1:30 3rd Grade

2:30 5th Grade

Dr. Stevenson will be back at Acton on April 10th to walk around with me to see the grade levels we couldn't get to this week. We were so impressed with K, 1 and Shari Leal! I can't wait to see how everyone's victory table is going! I'll double check times with you when we get back from break. Check out the pictures in this newsletter of the great things happening during victory table.

Victory Table is a DAILY expectation with our lowest group.

Retention and Assignments:

If you are considering assigning or retaining a student you should have started an SOS plan, put strategies in place, monitored the strategies and have involved parents. The SOS should include an academic goal and data. This should not be a surprise to parents. An assignment/retention form has been shared by Kevin to any teachers who has talked to us about retentions. Please return it as soon as possible so we can proceed with next steps.

Here is an excerpt from Page 13 of our Student Handbook:

Franklin Township Community School Corporation operates on the annual promotion basis. Promotions are given to students who have mastered all the minimum curriculum requirements for a specific grade level. Assignments are given to students who have not mastered all the minimum requirements for a specific grade level but the school personnel doesn’t feel a retention would be in the student’s best interest. Retentions are given when students haven’t been previously retained and the school personnel does not feel they’ve mastered enough to function successfully at the next grade level. These students are retained for another year in the same grade to afford them additional time to learn the necessary skills at that grade level. Promotions, retentions and assignments are decisions made by the classroom teacher, counselor and principal. They are always made with the best interest of the child in mind. Parents will be fully informed during the course of the school year concerning their child’s academic progress through mid-term reports, grade cards, and conferences (both personal and phone). Teachers will state on the midterms and/or report cards if retention or assignment is being considered. As a staff, promotion of our students is always our goal for every student.

Conscious Discipline Timeline

Conscious Discipline Implementation Timeline



  • Counselors model Brain Start Smart

  • Teachers begin to implement Brain Start Smart in the classroom

  • Teachers integrate Greetings to start the day.

  • Principals CAN begin to build School Family culture

May 2019

  • Teachers receive The NEW Conscious Discipline book, Conscious Discipline Brain State Poster Set, and Seven Skills Poster Sets.

  • Counselors will receive Managing Emotional Mayhem book.

June 22-28, 2019

  • Elementary Counselors attend Conscious Discipline Intensive training (CD1)

  • CD team adds details to 2019-2020 timeline

August 2019

  • Counselors begin teaching Rituals, Routines, Wish Well, and builds upon School Family with principals

  • On-site CD virtual training begins with teachers (details coming)

** We are moving slowly with the implementation of Conscious Discipline. I’ve created a folder on Google Drive with CD resources. I will be sharing this with you very soon! As you begin to look through those resources, try to think of some things you could try in your classroom.

Counselor's Corner

Why is Social Emotional Learning so important?
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Thank you for all your work integrating social emotional skills into your classrooms.

Look below and you will notice many of the ways that you are helping our students regulate using conscious discipline, brain smart, deep breathing, movement breaks, brain breaks, choice, mentoring, etc.

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PBIS Central

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Weekly Collaboration Schedule

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Staff Shout Outs!


Ohana Calendar

DIBELS Progress Monitoring-RED Students

Kindergarten Registration

Monday 4/1/19-

  • Acton Wellness Screenings 7:30-11:00 AM
  • 9:30 Emergency Drills
Tuesday 4/2/19-
  • AM Collaboration- Team Focus

Wednesday 4/3/19
  • AM Collaboration
  • Nadine Model Lessons with each grade level (see schedule)

Thursday 4/4/19

  • School Culture Team

Friday 4/5/19

  • Four Star Celebration (cake)

Coming Soon:


1 School resume

2 PTO Meeting

4 4th grade field trip

5 Family Game Night

9 5th grade visit to East

10 Jack’s Donuts spirit day

17 Children’s Museum Outreach night

18 4th and 5th grade music programs

18 May field trips due

19 All Pro Dads

22 Skating Party

23 Chow with the Cow

25 Kdg field trip

26 Mid term grades posted

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