Eating Disorders

The effects and treatments

Anorexia nervosa & Bulimia

Anorexia is not eating on purpose in order to lose weight. People with this disorder tend to think they weigh more than they actually do and this disease can be life threatening. People may cause brain damage, heart attacks and shutdowns of major body systems. Treatments include getting the person back to a normal body weight, treating psychological issues or sending the patient to the hospital to be watched and helped.


Bulimia is a disease characterized by binge eating and the vomiting up the food that was just consumed. This can also cause heart attacks and death. Its a life threatening disorder. People may harm themselves and try to commit suicide if this disease goes untreated. People should be treated with therapy and stopping the binge purge cycle and then turning negative thoughts to positive ones.

Pictures of disorders:

Binge Eating

Also known as overeating, is a period of uncontrollable eating. Effects could be social isolation, insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety. Also, a person could become obese and have heart problems. People should receive professional help when diagnosed with this disorder. You should also get a nutritionist to help balance your diet.