March Newsletter

What's happening in 5th grade


We are continuing our unit of study called Argument and Advocacy. This unit goes with our writing unit. Students will be reading nonfiction texts on an issue to debate and write an evidence-based essay on the topic. We will also be learning about character development in fiction, and cause/effect within both fiction and nonfiction.


In math, we will continue our geometry unit with quadrilaterals by subdividing, combining, and transforming these shapes. Next, we will be describing the parts of a circle. Lastly, we will be finding the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of data while plot the data points on a stem and leaf plot.

Social Studies

We will explore the Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States. We will be learning about their climate, their resources, their history, and their tourism. We will create a presentation on a specific culture found in the Southwest, and we will choose a song that coincides with the Midwest Region.


We will be continuing our Argument and Advocacy unit of study. We will be taking positions on topics and researching both sides of the argument in order to write a persuasive piece.


This month we are beginning our next homework project on Plants! Presentations will be at the end of the month. In class, we will begin our final two units for the yer on properties of light and sound. Please continue to review study guides sent home.

Important Dates

March 9th - Reading Benchmark

March 20th - Paint a Tile Day


March is another busy month. Students will be assessed using MAP in reading and math this month. Be on the lookout for report cards at the end of the month. Many students continue to bring their laptop uncharged. Please make sure that your student’s laptop is charged everyday so it does interfere with daily usage and testing. Please ensure students are taking responsibility for assignments that are to be completed at home. Thank you!

March Birthdays

Saif 3/10, Maily 3/10, Samya 3/24, Michelle 3/26