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Hi team! Welcome to the first ever "Sparkler!" An all inclusive place for me to write you a bunch of new ideas, give you new info and also keep you updated on all things Origami Owl!

O2 National Convention Recap!!!!!

Those of us who attended the very first O2 National Convention are just now starting to come down from our high of excitement, inspiration and motivation! To say that the experience was incredible barely touches the way we feel! I know I posted a lot of pictures here and there, but I wanted to let you know some important information.
  • New Designer Starter Kits will begin shipping to all DIW's who become a designer AFTER 07/15/13. Sorry to those of you who just signed on. All the kits contain the EXACT same info and tools that you all have already received, it's just packaged differently. But it will be great for all the new Designers that you all are bringing on!
  • New Fall Product! Most of you have seen the pictures of the new charms, new chains (layering chain, over my heart locket, sterling silver etc), new bracelet with patent pending technology and many more goodies! I am SO excited about this fall launch, more so than I was with Spring!!! O2 has listened to our request and have made it SO super easy to have a great fall/winter season. Start getting bookings on your calendar NOW!
  • Registration for the next O2 Experience National Convention will open next week I believe. The dates are July 24-26th in Phoenix again! Trust me when I say " you don't want to miss it!"
  • WHOOOOOO wants to go to Cabo San Lucas next year on the first EVER Incentive Trip??!!!! I know I do!!! The details are in the back office, but I will tell you some now too. To qualify you must have a minimum of 15,000 points to qualify. Every $1 you sell is 1 PV point and for every $250 in CTV (team volume) you get 1 point. The qualifications period is July 1 - November 30, 2013. They are picking the TOP 300 qualifying designers to go. To some of you this may seem difficult but they have created a road map for us to follow to keep our path straight and I am here to tell you that you can do it if you set your mind to it! If worst comes to worst and you make the 15,000 points, but are not the top will still have made over $10,000 in just 5 months!!!!! CRAZY
  • REMINDER: Our first Tuesday monthly team meeting is August 6th and 6:45 in my home. I am working to see if there is a way to skype for those of you who are not in the area...stay tuned. For those of you close, PLEASE come and bring a guest that you would like to share the opportunity of Origami Owl with! I will have prizes, recognition and training.


For every Designer who achieves $250 in Personal Volume (your sales or personal orders) in the month of July will receive a special gift from me...some of which is swag from the O2 store at the convention!
The Designer with the highest PV in the month of July will receive a special gift that is also from the convention!!!
So get those Jewelry Bars booked and those launch parties in order!!!