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Khan Kids app activities

There are several new activities and videos in the Khan Kids app that cover many upcoming standards.

When you open the app, find the Library and then follow these paths...

V.A.7 - Ordinal Numbers:

  • Videos --> Counting --> First, Last, 1st-4th, 1st-6th, 1st-10th
  • 123 --> Compare Numbers Basic --> 1st 2nd 3rd

V.B.1 - Adding

  • Videos --> Counting --> More, Add to 4
  • 123 --> Compare Numbers Practice 2 --> Add Within 4 (interactive)

V.D.1 - Heights & Lengths

  • Videos --> Shapes & Measurement --> Shorter/Taller, Measure, Taller/Tallest
  • Logic --> Patterns & Shapes Basic --> Measurement

V.E.1 - Sorting

  • Logic --> Focus, Memory, & Flex Thinking --> Sort by Rule, Sort Bugs, Sort Objects,
    Sort by Color (2),
  • Logic --> Focus, Memory, & Flex Thinking Practice 1 & 2 (all interactive)
    Sort by Rule, Sort Buts, Sort Objects, Sort by Color (2)

III.B.4/5 - Syllables

  • Videos --> Reading & Language --> Syllables, More Syllables, Phonemic Syllables, Blend Syllables, Remove Syllables

III.B.6 - Rhyming

  • Videos --> Reading & Language --> Rhyming
  • Reading --> Rdg Foundational Skills --> Rhyming
  • Reading -->Rdg Foundational Skills Basic --> Rhyming

III.B.7 - Beginning Sounds

  • ABC --> Words: Beginning Sounds -->
    R/V/W/Y in the Create section of the app, you have the ability to create a video of the student work. Much like Seesaw, you can tap the microphone icon and record what the student does on the screen with stickers, colors, drawing, paint, etc.

Four Seesaw Activities to try in Pre-K...

Winter Time Ten Frame

Crayon Box That Talked: "I Am Unique!"

Penguin Winter Coding

Labeling Emotions


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Don't forget to click on each Monday's date in the calendar in your Eduphoria lesson planner. That enables the administrators to view your plans. If you don't click on the Monday (which makes it bold), your plans come up blank for them.


Technology PD...

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Deanna Collins - DLC

What Can I Do For You?

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  • Brainstorm & explore new tools

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  • Examine curriculum to determine how tech can help meet your learning objectives

  • Help you Learn a new tool

  • Model technology integration with students

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